Philosophy with Amici

Thoughts on our most fundamental of metaphysics, -epistemology, and -ethics

I was just about to become an adult when I first started to build my own system of philosophy.

Once, when I was even younger than that, I’d heard of a philosopher who put at the center of philosophy the question. As such, when I first started building my own system, I did so by creating something for which I now call a questionity, or: a structure of questions that shapes and spurs into being a philosophical inquiry.


The human being is not a coherent decision-maker. Nor is it fully coherent in any way. It is a being of constant growth, and decay, of spreading out its influence, and losing its connections. A mess entangled in a great, alien, and remote world.

How is ethics to be conducted, in such a reality? That is the question motivating this dive into human being, and the fundamental issues facing creatures of ethics.


Action vs. Passivity

Domination vs. Submission

To create knowledge is in some ways to reproduce oneself in the world. Along such lines we often come to behave, if not consciously, then at least in a manner as-if this was the way. As-if, that is, self-reproduction of human culture upon the world was inevitable.


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